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How To Overland on a Timeline | TreadWright Tires

Posted by Derrest Williams on

TreadWright Tires is excited to announce the launch of the Adventure Mobile Podcast.

TreadWright designed the show to offer high-value content to their everyday consumers. The show is geared to discuss Micro Adventures and Overlanding Trips while also sharing useful information about affordable car builds and automotive tips.

TreadWright Adventure Mobile Podcast Show Number One Description:
Launched on September 18th, 2017: 

We were grateful to start our first episode with Overlanding Expert Ruston Smith the owner of Overlanding USA.  Ruston specializes in micro-adventures, which he calls " The Weekend Warrior Model." Like many of us, Ruston has the rigorous grind of the 8-5 job and found the Overlanding trips to be a formidable opponent that usually takes more time than just a weekend. In this episode, Ruston offers real answers on how to keep your day job without sacrificing your intrinsic nature to explore.

Overlanding Quick Tips: 

Decide how long your Adventure is going to be.

  • Knowing how much time you have will be the starting point for your preparation. 

How to travel routes?

Scouting a Camp Spot 

  • Ruston says the most important thing to him is to find high evaluation for cooler air
  • Ruston likes to stay away from heavily trafficked areas
  • Use a public forum website FreeCampSites.net
    • Other people will upload their campsites so you can an idea of the terrain and the campsite
  • Use Google Maps to help map out your route.  You will be able to see the terrain and narrow spots on the route. 

You can learn more about Ruston Smith and his travels at Overlanding USA

You can follow his Weekend Warrior YouTube Series Here 

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