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Environmentally Friendly Tires



Historically, the biggest advantage of recycled tires is the cost. Remolds typically cost approximately 40% less than brand name tires and save the commercial and military aircraft industries more than $100 million a year. Recycled truck tires save the trucking industry over $3 billion each year.

In recent years, the sustainability of remolded tires has also become a leading advantage. TreadWright Tires are produced with 70% recycled materials, as we reuse premium brand, tire casings.

Each TreadWright tire uses approximately 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for a new tire. TreadWright ensures that used tires are not taking up space in landfills or polluting our nation’s lakes and rivers. TreadWright reinvests these raw material savings into superior tread rubber compounds to create improved wear characteristics in off-road applications without sacrificing price or performance, which ultimately means cost savings and higher value to every TreadWright customer.


The DOT (Department of Transportation) has determined that remolded tires and new tires have the exact same defect rate. Tire failures are caused by road hazards, low air pressure and excessive wear resulting in shallow tread depths. The bottom line is new tires and remanufactured tires have the same manufacturing failure rates.

View the Washington Department of Transportation and the Retread Tire Association for more information below.

Safety might be best represented by industry examples. Commercial airlines, emergency response vehicles, military fleets and commercial trucking all use remolded or retreaded tires. The Government even mandates the use of retreaded tires on its vehicles whenever possible because they conserve non-renewable resources and save tax payer money without sacrificing safety or performance.

Although many industries remold or retread tires multiple times, TreadWright only remolds an LT/SUV tire one time. A new DOT code is placed on a TreadWright Tire after production. If that tire comes back into our facility we do not remanufacture the tire. The airline industry recycles a tire 8-10 times and the commercial trucking industry recycles up to 4 times.

We receive many questions regarding the federal law on the use of TreadWright tires on the steer position of a light truck or SUV. Light truck and SUV tires are legal for all positions on your vehicle. Federal law only restricts the use of remolded or retreaded tires on the steer position of buses.