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Big Skies Fleet, Big Savings Secret

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 An hour south of Bozeman, Montana via U.S Highway 191 sits legendary Big Sky Mountain Resort.

Big Sky Resort opened in 1973 offering the “Biggest Skiing in America.” Through years of acquisitions, Big Ski now has 5,650 skiable acres with some of the most consistent snowfall in the country making them the second largest ski resort in the United States.

Big Sky is exactly what you would expect, BIG!

Jagged peaks reach the sky as they simultaneously are belittled in comparison to the surrounding openness.

The highest peak at the resort, Lone Mountain, is accessible by a 15-passenger aerial tram that climbs 433 meters up a sheer rock face to gracefully place those who dare. From the top of Lone Mountain, you can take advantage of the largest treeless terrain available at a North American Ski resort, a continuous 4,100ft vertical drop and enjoy a six-mile descent in one run.

Big Sky Lone Mountain

Big Sky, TreadWright Connection

In early October, I had the pleasure to speak with John Knapton, Mountain Manager at Big Sky Resort. It took a while for me to wrap my head around the sheer size of the mountain, surrounding area, and most importantly the support system in place to ensure that a massive operation like Big Sky stays running. One of John’s many responsibilities is to keep the 30 vehicle fleet – roughly 30 trucks ranging from 2½ ton snow plows to ½ ton light-trucks used to cruise around the mountain – in tip-top shape so they can support the mountains customer base. TreadWright is proud to be the tire used on all Big Sky’s mountain vehicles, ensuring that Big Sky has a fleet which is operating safely and affordable.
John first found TreadWright when he was scrolling the internet looking for a more cost-effective solution for his pick-up truck. As an avid hunter, and overall outdoorsman, John uses his vehicle for everything from commuting on the highway, to accessing some of the most remote backcountry areas in the region to chase big game. TreadWright provided John with a cost-effective solution without sacrificing durability or performance. Elated with the results and cost savings John started outfitting Big Sky’s Fleet with TreadWright tires stating,

TreadWright is a more cost-effective solution for tires.

The TreadWright Advantage

The product allows for Big Sky to stay true to their environmental temperament while getting to get top-tier performance.  TreadWrights proven ability to handle inclement weather, icy roads to other rigors winter conditions has been put to the test with Big Sky.  Big Sky Fleet vehicles have to be able to run in negative temperatures, plow snow and run crews up maintenance roads.  Affirming the reliability of TreadWrights durability and performance without breaking the bank.   All fleets, businesses, and individuals are always looking to cut unnecessary costs, without risking performance and TreadWright Offers that solution allowing Big Sky to reallocate funds from expensive tires to other parts of the department. 

TreadWright Tires are manufactured in Houston, Texas, using bead-2-bead mold cure technology, also known as tire re-manufacturing. Due to the rigors inspection process, and only accepting tier-1 casings into the production line, TreadWright provides quality comparable to a top-tier tire in performance, and tread wear, but at a fraction of the cost. John and Big Sky Resort have seen fantastic results on tire performance while saving over $150 per tire.

John plans on continuing to outfit Big Sky, along with himself with TreadWright for as long as they are available. Other members of the Mountain team have picked up on the product, and invested themselves in a pair of TreadWright tires, growing the personal use among the Big Sky mountain maintenance team. The product is tough, made in America, saves money and allows Big Sky to lower its impact on the environment. John explained the uniqueness of the product, but how it is one that makes sense for his organization across the board.

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