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Claw II 35x12.5R20 - Dan Leal Feature Friday

Posted by Tony Floyd on

Our Feature Friday is from Dan Leal!   Dan is riding our 35" Claw IIs!   If you are interested in being considered for our Feature Friday, e-mail Tony@Treadwright.com!

Hi there! I recently bought your 35x12.5x20 Claw II tires for my 2011 Silverado WT on an 8 inch lift. After a few months, I can say I'm very happy with the condition they are in and how they ride. Being a college student on a fairly tight budget, I had to search vigorously for the biggest bargains I could get to help get the truck where I wanted it to be. That being said, Treadwright Tires were very affordable and comparable in performance and resembles many other premium tires. I drive from my dorm in Sacramento, CA to my home in the Bay Area fairly often and the tires have been treating me well on those trips so far. The Claws ride very smooth on the freeway (after a good amount of weight to balance) and the road noise isn't too aggressive considering the nature of the tire. So far, I can vouch for your tire by saying it is high quality and very cost-effective. Because of Treadwright, I was able to become one step closer to my dream truck without having to break the bank.  I'm excited to show my friends and family what a great value they were for me!

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