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David Gonzalez - TreadWright Trailblazer

Posted by Tony Floyd on

This Friday is courtesy of @OverlandNomad, Enjoy!

Husband, father, and an avid outdoorsman.

I love exploring. I also love 4X4's. You put those two together and you get Overlanding. Ask my wife and friends and they can tell you I am an addict to it. I spend weekends exploring back roads, camping out at the beach, hiking deserts and mountains. The outdoors is where I feel like home, where I can meditate with God.

I have a love of the outdoors and 4WD rigs. I've been exploring the back roads and camping in Texas since high school in my 1992 Toyota Pickup 4WD. I share the places that I visit and any updates on my rigs on Instagram @OverlandNomad. Now with the new build, The Mule ('02 4Runner), I will be exploring more areas and further away from home. The Mule is shaping up pretty solid, especially with the new Guard Dog MT's by TreadWright! More terrain will be explored thanks these grippy, dependable, tough tires. Make sure to get out and explore!

You don't need a fancy rig, expensive gear, or a lot of money to get out. It just takes willingness to get out the door and explore your surroundings and beyond!  

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