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Feature Friday - Chris Hartzell

Posted by Tony Floyd on

For a while I have been looking at replacing my quickly balding tires on my Jeep XJ. Quite frankly the dollar signs I was seeing for decent name brand all terrain tires was frightening. The tires I was looking at were almost $200 a piece. I was talking to one of my diesel mechanics about this at work and he encouraged me to look up TreadWright. He had Wardens on his truck and had nothing but praise for them. Well, I did look up and was a little apprehensive. I'm a professional driver and know what can happen to recaps. Well, after researching these quite a bit I came to find out that recaps and remolds (which is what TreadWright sells) are completely different. The fact that they were $70 cheaper than the name brand equivalent made the decision at that point quite easy.


I bought a set of 31x10.50R15 Wardens because my Jeep isn't only my off-road vehicle but also my daily driver and are very impressed with them, especially in snow. My previous name brand tires of a different all terrain pattern were, quite frankly terrible in snow so this was a welcome change.

I initially had a problem, but TreadWright made it MORE than right. Excellent customer service. American made. Green. Cost effective. What more can you ask?

Thank you TreadWright. You have gained, no, earned a repeat customer.

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