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Gear Monkey Racing - TreadWright Trailblazer

Posted by Tony Floyd on

Gear Monkey Racing is an off-road race team based primarily out of Lafayette, CO. However, there are members of the team spread across the country, from New York City to San Antonio,TX. We are the everyday off-road enthusiasts, with a passion for this sport! With our team being founded and launched in January 2017, we have already begun to push ourselves to achieve seemingly impossible feats.


GMR is building a 4600 stock class vehicle for the Ultra4 race King of the Hammers, happening Feb 8th 2018. We will be debuting our team and the vehicle at this race! Most teams build their vehicles over the course of months or years. We will be building and assembling ours in just 10 short days; only weeks before the race! King of the Hammers is said to be the hardest one day off-road race in the country. It brings more than 40k, 4x4 enthusiast to Johnson Valley desert to experience the greatest congregation of off-road gearheads you have ever seen!


We love this sport and we love the camaraderie it brings. Most can agree, when you have a 4x4, regardless of brand, you are part of an exclusive community. That is why one of our goals as a team is to seek out and partner with american made companies that are dedicated to producing an amazing product for the extreme off-road enthusiast; the weekend wheeler and the everyday dirt road traveler.


The vehicle we have decided to build is a 1997 Jeep Cherokee. It will be modified within the context of the Ultra4 rules, one of the rule being limitations on tires. The vehicle has to run on DOT non-sticky tire, limited to 35” tall. Tires are in the top 3 most important aspects of this race. It is almost impossible to get through KOH without at least one flat tire. When looking for tires, we wanted reliable and made in the USA. With many of the tire companies pushing overseas, we wanted to bring it back home. Treadwright tires was our answer! After talking with the the Ultra4 technicians about Treadwright tires and their amazing process for remolding they approved them for the race!


Partnering with Treadwright is huge! They will be the first remolded tire to ever enter this race! We are very excited to have them on our race vehicle to show the offroad community that remolded tires are just as reliable and durable as the other brands from overseas. We will push these tires to their limits and beyond throughout King of the Hammers 2018 and the rest of the season. We will be running the Treadwright Guard Dog MT in 35/12.50/R17.


Although Gear Monkey Racing is a new team, we are working hard everyday to achieve our goals through the help of our sponsors and the support from our off-road community. So, please check us out at Gearmonkeyracing

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