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A Top Retread Tire Company Awarded | Proven Affordable Retread Mud Tires

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Third Largest Retread in North America

TreadWright Moves Up in Annual Ranking for Largest North American Retreader with Affordable Retreads

Affordable Retread Mud Tires Helps TreadWright Grow

According to Tire Business, a national newspaper and website covering the North American Tire industry, TreadWright Tires, a Houston based Light Truck & SUV tire remanufacturing company, has moved up to the third position in the passenger light truck category for North American retreading.  In 2015 TreadWright was ranked fifth in North American retreading. With an influx in sales and sizes, TreadWright has since been able to move up two spots in the ranking.  In 2016, TreadWright used 1.26 million pounds of tread rubber to produce 200 light truck retread tires per day, while only operating one plant in Houston, TX.  TreadWright attributes the success of their rise in the ranks to their affordable retread mud tire pricing and ability to closely monitor Quality Control with one plant helping make them the Best Value MT on the market

"TreadWright Tires is committed to growing the brand through small businesses, retail outlets, online marketplaces, E commerce stores and government agencies by offering the Best Value Retread Mud Tires on the Market. Resellers are looking for a quality brand that differentiates itself with customers, and TreadWright delivers an environmental option at an affordable price without sacrificing performance.  TreadWright is concentrated on offering the most affordable/value retread mud tire on the market."  

Currently TreadWright, Retread Mud Tires are one of the cheapest deals on the market with their competitive sale prices.  

TreadWright Retread Plant Overview

Currently, TreadWright employs over 45 Full Time and Part Time staff in Houston, Tx

TreadWright Tires has been remanufacturing quality tires in the USA for over 40 years. In doing so TreadWright has helped bring to market the mold cure production process using 70% recycled materials and saving the environment nearly 12 gallons of oil per tire as well as keeping tires out of our nation’s lakes and streams. TreadWright Tires is able to remanufacture old USA premium casings into an aggressive on/off road A/T, and M/T remolded tires at a cutting edge price point without sacrificing safety.  TreadWright takes pride in the mold cure process in the fact that it uses a similar curing process used in most new tire manufacturing plants. Learn More about our Manufacturing Process below. 

Join the Movement - Become a Retail/Wholesaler

Sticking to our growth plan we are offering you an opportunity to earn up to 36% on our American Made Products. All you have to do is APPLY to become a TreadWright Distributor

Become a TreadWright Installer

You can also apply to become apart of our ever growing installer list to be featured on our website. Once you are a certified TreadWright Installer we will feature you on our website and recommend all of our customers in your area to get their TreadWright Tires installed by your shop!

Current TreadWright Specials 

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