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5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Snow

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  • Most people underestimate the power of ice and snow when they get in a rush in the snow.  No matter how long you have been driving in the bad weather, you should cut back on your speed. Remember that the road is wet which makes the excess speeds even more dangerous.

Follow the truck drivers

  • Whenever you see trucks pulling over and or slowing down you should always consider following their lead.  Truck drivers are professionals that have to meet specific deadlines, so it is wise to follow their lead

Turn signals

  •  Under normal weather conditions, it is recommended to let your turn signal blink at least three times.  Under the rain or snow, we would recommend letting the signal blink four to five times as you will likely be driving slower as well.  Make sure all your surrounding drivers can see you clearly and aware of your vehicle's movement.

Traction is Even more important

  • Even if you have half of your tread left your vehicle can hydroplane and slide on slick roads.  Use our “Find an Installer” page on our site and have your Treadwrights checked for tire pressure and quality monthly.  You can also learn how to check your tread depth on our Tread Depth blog post

Winter Tires are that much more important

  • Our Kedge tires with a combination of walnuts shells and glass particles that are mixed into the tread compound during the manufacturing process help provide extra traction in the extreme cold, snow, and ice.  Winter temperatures alone can cause dangerous conditions, and cause roads to be wet.   Don’t leave home without a tire you can trust


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