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Hurricane Matthew's adverse effect on South Carolina

Posted by Tony Floyd on

We recently had a longtime friend and customer of Treadwright Tires, Anthony Chiarello, experience truck problems while running recovery operations in Myrtle beach after Hurricane Matthew. While floodwaters continued to rise to record highs, causing riverbanks to overflow, Anthony took to the streets to help residents of Myrtle Beach begin to recover right away. After the Hurricane had passed, Anthony put his experience with the Dirty Myrtle 4x4 Team to work. He helped many drivers recover their vehicles-- even lending a hand to others there with the recovery effort, who now found their vehicles needed help, as well.
Unfortunately, during one of his recoveries, Anthony was involved in an accident with another motorist attempting to cross an intersection with a malfunctioning red-light. Anthony's vehicle is currently being evaluated with serious body damage, but we are incredibly thankful he was able to walk away from the incident.
More than two dozen people in the United States have died as a result of Hurricane Matthew and over half of those deaths occurred in South Carolina. We want to thank Anthony-- and all of the Dirty Myrtle 4x4 Team for their bravery and selflessness during this time of need for so many in Hurricane Matthew's wake. They have come together during a disaster to help these communities in a tangible, immediate way-- showing they are much more than a group of people sharing 4x4 pictures and trading engine parts. Their work ethic and willingness to go above and beyond for strangers in need exemplifies American values.
To show our appreciation for Anthony's contribution during his community's time of need-- we have offered to replace Anthony's lost 35x12.5R18 Claw Mud Terrain Tires with a set of Treadright Tires of his choice. Anthony, thank you for your willingness to serve-- when your truck gets out of the shop, we will have some maximum traction tires waiting for you and your next adventure.
God Bless America!

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