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Introducing TreadWright's New Tread Pattern - Axiom II

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All Season, All Purpose & All Performance Axiom II Release

Check out the 360 photos of our new All Season, All Performance & All Purpose Axiom II. 

TreadWright Axiom II Tire Description:

TreadWright has revitalized the all-performance sports utility and light truck tire market with the introduction of the new all-terrain, all-season, all-purpose Axiom II AT. With an aggressive contemporary design and maximum traction, the Axiom II AT stands out from the crowd.  The symmetrical center rib and outer lug pattern offer an exceptional on-road response and optimized off-road handling.

For the Daily Highway Driver  

With its unique tread design, the Axiom performs great on the highway offering a quiet, relaxed ride, coupled with an extended tread life, and contemporary tread design. Built for a wide range of vehicles, from F-150 to Nissan Titan, this all-season tire also provides great handling and tread life.

Durability is the key benefit to the new Axiom line.  Our new expansion to the Axiom range also features a new design on the outer sidewall of the tire itself for a more rugged design appeal, for tires that get the job done and look good doing it. Its narrow lug design gives the Axiom more surface area on the highway, preventing excessive road noise when traveling on paved roads and highways.

The Axiom all-terrain also includes a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake which means it is built for severe winter conditions. Developed for a balance of highway and off-road work, its unique tread design and durability deliver long tread life and traction in highway, mud, and snow. Although it shows an aggressive appearance, the Axiom also provides a quiet, comfortable highway ride.


TreadWright tires are backed by a 2-year workmanship warranty against manufacturing defects. A 24-month optional Road Hazard Warranty Certificate is also available on all new TreadWright Tires purchases, covering unforeseen road conditions like potholes, nails, debris, or impact with foreign objects that can lead to premature tire failure.

We also offer a No-Hassle Road Hazard Warranty for $12.49 per tire that can be added during the checkout process. For more information on what this covers visit here

Greener Tires, Better Value, American Made

All TreadWright tires are produced in the United States at its manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. The Treadwright manufacturing process uses the highest quality commercial grade truck rubber, leading to higher mileage and better wear characteristics.

As the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly tires for light trucks and SUVs, Treadwright uses 70% recycled content and premium brand tire casings for all their tires. Each Treadwright tire requires 6 gallons of oil to produce, compared to the 18 gallons required to produce most other tires.

Not only are Treadwright Tires great for the environment, they also cost 40% less than competing brand name tires. Using a proven European manufacturing process called remolding, Treadwright Tires are produced by applying full-grade truck rubber to tire casings, using the same mold cure process as traditional branded/OE tire manufacturers.  That’s why TreadWright tires get 20% more mileage compared to imports. With a better value and more miles, TreadWright Tires are the smart choice for your vehicle.

About TreadWright Tires

TreadWright Tires is a Houston-based light truck and SUV tire manufacturer. Its line of MT/AT tires cover 80% of the replacement market, offering reliable, affordable, and environmentally-friendly tires.  With 40 years of remanufacturing experience, TreadWright delivers a wide range of LT/SUV tires with 70% recycled material and 40% reduction in cost. All TreadWright tires are made 100% in the USA. For more information, and to learn more about becoming an authorized distributor or purchasing direct, visit www.treadwright.com.

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Alternatives to the Axiom II

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