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Top Off Road Podcast Test TreadWright Tires (2017)

Posted by Derrest Williams on

A highly touted top rated off road podcast, High Sierra 4X4 recently put our TreadWright Tires to the test. The host Forrest put some 31x10.5R15 TreadWright Guard Dogs on his Samurai Jeep. 

High Sierra 4X4 TreadWright Tire Test

On his first expedition, Forrest and his team helped open new trails in California that came loaded with debris and unmarked routes. Genuinely testing the strength of the TreadWright sidewalls driving over tree branches and other debris.  

On his second expedition, Forrest made his way to Big Buck Lookout Jeep Trail were he lowered the PSI for comfortable driving and set out to test TreadWright Guard Dogs Grip. Forrest conquered small rock groupings and spotted an incredibly steep inclining hill where he climbed to the top of the ledge with easy.  Coming down was a bit nerve-racking due to the steepness and loose granite, but the TreadWright Tires Guard Dogs never slipped keeping Forrest in complete control the entire ride. 

High Sierra 4X4 Coming Down a Steep Hill

 High Sierra 4X4 TreadWright Tire Review

Forrest repeatedly stated how impressed he was with TreadWright Tires.  In particular, Forrest admired that TreadWrights are 100% American Made and employ over 50+ US Citizens.  Forrest went on to say that he will be purchasing a set of TreadWright Tires for his other vehicles dismissing the notion that remanufactured tires sidewalls are weaker than new tires. Forrest recommends TreadWright Tires to any wheeler who is environmental or price cautious saying

"tires cost a lot, and it is a wearable item so you will spend a lot of money consistently.  If you are a budget-minded wheeler, TreadWright is your first stop."

Listen to full Interview of High Sierra 4X4 and Anthony Showen, TreadWright CEO

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