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Tough Times Require Tough Tires

Posted by Holly Chia on

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Tough times require even tougher tires, and TreadWright is as tough as they come. 

TreadWright is a Texas-based manufacturer of affordable, high-performance all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. TreadWright Tires was established nearly 40 years ago by a team of experts that set out to create an affordable, high-quality performance tire.

All of our tires are made in the USA with pride and an environmentally friendly process. When you buy from TreadWright you are buying factory direct.

Chinese manufacturers have saturated the US domestic market driving down prices in the middle and lower-tier segments of the tire market. Today, low quality Chinese tires make up 50% of the light truck market. With state-supported Chinese manufacturers selling below cost, domestic producers of “price point” lower-tier tires are unable to compete. This is where TreadWright provides an American-made option for consumers seeking performance tires at a competitive price; our customers get an American-made product with premium performance, below imported prices.

TreadWright Tires offers aggressive on/off-road AT/MT tires at a cutting edge price, without sacrificing an ounce of performance. Since 2015, TreadWright’s line of AT/MT tires covers 72% of the replacement market within 29 sizes and load ranges

We have remained committed to growing the LT/SUV and giving more people access to the highest value tire on the market, by introducing new sizes and models every year to better suit our customers’ needs.

TreadWright branded remolds are both structurally and cosmetically indistinguishable from new tires and are put through a thorough, non-destructive inspection to ensure integrity and balance.

So when you need some extra pull, TreadWright is there.

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