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Treadwright expands with Three New Sizes!

Posted by Tony Floyd on

TreadWright Tires is proud to announce the expansion of its original Claw Series and ATG All-Terrain tires. The Claw Mud terrain tires will now be available in new 235/85/16 and 235/80/17 as well as our ATG all-terrain tires 235/75/15 C and 235/75/15 P sizes along with the original range of sizes available with from the ATG Series. 

The Claw features an aggressive tread design that can handle even the most challenging 4x4 off-road terrain, but with design features that truly make it an any-terrain tire. The Claw tread pattern has enhanced traction features for the most extreme mud, gravel, and snow driving conditions, delivering the maximum performance and reliability out of each tire.

ATG is a premium All-Terrain tire designed to satisfy pick-up, van, and SUV drivers with pleasing on- and off-road capabilities. All ATG tires are built with the same full grade Truck rubber as our larger sizes to help resist stone drilling and gravel damage. The tire’s heavily siped tread provides solid traction on both wet and dry surfaces. The open tread design provides traction for the most daring All-Terrain driver out there. 

Customers have repeatedly turned to the Claw series for its performance and reliability on all types of roads and terrain. Many have demanded an expansion of the sizes offered so that they too could take advantage of the all that the Claw tires have to offer. TreadWright prides itself on listening to its customers and retail partners; responding to popular demand, this new expansion will allow more customers to find the right size Claw for their vehicle.

TreadWright tires are backed by a 2-year workmanship warranty against manufacturing defects. A 24-month optional Road Hazard Warranty Certificate is also available on all new TreadWright Tires purchases, covering unforeseen road conditions like potholes, nails, debris, or impact with foreign objects that can lead to premature tire failure.

“The Claw Series has been one of our most popular line of tires” said Anthony Showen, Chief Executive Officer of TreadWright Inc. “Combining an aggressive tread design capable of handling any terrain, with smart design features that increases driveability of paved roads, the Claw is a true multi-use tire. The new sizes mean that more customers and more trucks can take advantage of our best-selling Claw series.”

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