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TreadWright Brands (Bead-2-Bead)

B2B is one of our new, 100% Branded TreadWright Tires, meaning that it is what we call a "Bead-2-Bead" tire. This means that when we make the remolded tire we remove the existing rubber to about 3-6mm remaining on the premium recycled casing from the inside bead, across the sidewall of the tire, across the tread of the tire, all the way to the outer bead. We then replace the rubber from "Bead-2-Bead" applying 6mil rubber on the sidewalls and 6-10 plys of rubber on the tread. When the tire is remolded, not only does it press a new tread but it also re-brands the sidewalls with TreadWright. This provides a completely finished look as well as increased sidewall strength.