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Our Story & History

Our Beginning

Almost forty years ago the founders of TreadWright Tires realized that the cost of high quality, performance tires was going to be out of reach for many businesses, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Armed with many years of experience with commercial and passenger tire remolding, the owners set out to create the most environmentally responsible and affordable light truck tire here in the United States. TreadWright was blazing a trail in the light truck tire market before being environmentally responsible was in vogue. TreadWright has been remolding LT/SUV tires in the USA and saving money for hard-working Americans and small business owner's ever since.

A Growing Industry

Tire remanufacturing has remained a growth industry over the years, with recycled / remolded tires currently on nearly 80% of commercial airlines in the US. In addition to the airline industry, most emergency response vehicles and school buses now use recycled tires. TreadWright has remained committed to growing the LT/SUV and giving more people access to the highest value tire on the market by introducing new sizes and models every year.

Meeting The Demand

TreadWright’s 2014-2015 expansion moved manufacturing operations from South Dakota to Houston, Texas. In 2015, TreadWright launched a completely new line of TreadWright branded MT/AT tires, which now cover 72% of the replacement market with 29 new sizes and load ranges. This growth will continue in 2016 with the release of the new Claw II 20” MT’s and new 18” OE (original equipment – new trucks/SUV) sizes that will cover 80% of the OE market. 

TreadWright Tires offers aggressive on/off road AT/MT tires at a cutting edge price, without sacrificing an ounce of performance. 

TreadWright Tires Environmental... Affordable... 100% Made in The USA