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Feature Friday - Gizzard Stone 265x75R16 Warden

Posted by Tony Floyd on

Our Feature Friday this week is featuring Gizzard Stone!! A family oriented Overlanding page.  Make sure to check out to check and follow the Treadwright Youtube and the Treadwright Facebook Page to catch their upcoming content with some new Treadwright Warden 265x75R16.  Email Tony@Treadwright.com if you would like to be featured on our Feature Friday and our Treadwright Blog! 

We’ve been doing the whole overlanding thing since long before we learned the word. When I was a kid we’d take the family Bronco on back roads camping trips to remote places in Colorado and the Southern Sierra Nevada. My first vehicle was a 1979 Jeep Cj-7. I even spent a lot of years pushing Subarus as far as I could. Now we explore and camp with our two little boys same as we always have, we just have to bring more snacks.

Gizzard Stone Overland started when I got my 4Runner 3 years ago. This is THE truck I lusted after in high school, and I searched all over Reno to find it. It’s a 1999 sr5 4x4 with the 3.4L V6 and 5 speed manual transmission. It has the factory electric locking rear differential which i have used many times and it is AWESOME.


The truck is set up pretty basic right now with Bilstein 5100 struts in the front set 1.5 inches over stock ride height. In the rear I have Old Man Emu 906 springs to combat sag and 1.5 inch daystar spacers to match the front. We are running 265/75 R16 tires which are slightly over stock, but they don’t rub anywhere and the spare still fits under the truck. Other than that the truck is pretty plain and simple, though I’m working on some organizing mods for the interior.


We love exploring the area around Reno, NV where we live literally 4 minutes from the closest 4x4 trail. We are working towards documenting our favorite trails in videos on our YouTube channel, and next month we’re taking a group from Overland Bound on a tour of the Virginia Range to view the wild horses.


The roads out here are rough and peppered with gnarly pokey rocks that eat up tread blocks and rip side-walls like mad. We’ve had pretty good luck in recent years, but it’s not un-comon for us to carry a spare spare when we go exploring the remote areas of central Nevada where you might not see another traveler all day.


Recently we did a three day tour of the Mojave National Preserve, first video is live not on YouTube. Our overlanding goals and plans include a tour of the Pony Express route in Central Nevada and the Plumas Backcountry Discovery Trail in California.

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