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Feature Friday - Miguel Robles Treadwright Guard Dog 35x12.5R17D

Posted by Tony Floyd on

Welcome to Feature Friday!! Where we take the time out of our week to go in-depth on some of our favorite wheelers and help spread the word on how they put their Treadwrights to work.  This week's feature is one of our most active posters who many know as @the_mee_guel on Instagram.  @the_mee_guel whose real name is Miguel Robles is always wheeling in the west coast with his Rough Country lift and his Jeep Club 831 Valley Jeeps! Miguel has a beautiful Instagram page and an amazing Youtube page that reviews all sorts off-road accessories.  You can check out his most recent review of his Guard Dogs here.  

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We Let Miguel take it away from here! Enjoy this week's Feature Friday:

Miguel uses his Guard Dog 35 all over California

Treadwright tires are a company I decided to go with when I first started building my Jeep , not only because they're 100% American made but because they they are Eco-friendly as well , due to being recycled tires. Now Don't jump to conclusions these aren't low-quality tires just because they remold them. They have a very detailed process to create these high-quality tires that come at about half the cost of other name brand tires with the same reliability that I myself have had with them. 

I run 35/12.50/17 Treadwright Guard Dogs on my 2015 Jeep Jku sport. I got them on my Jeep about a week after I bought it, right away I noticed these tires were quiet! I had run BfGoodrich Km1's on my previous Jeep and they were loud once I hit around 40mph. As far as traction goes I've never had a doubt these tires would grab! Since my local Jeep club (831ValleyJeeps) tends to hold at least one trail run a month they've seen their fair share of mud, snow, sand, and rocks. 

I've gone out to Hollister Hills out in California plenty of times during the summer and in the winter when they have extremely sticky mud and these tires have a great ejection process and didn't lose traction going up steep hills! I just recently took them out to Calico Ghost town through the Odessa Canyon trail and man these tires surprised me once again.

Since I do own a Sport I don't run lockers on my Jeep, being aired down to about 17psi all around the Guard dogs had very little to no slip at all going through steep climbs and sharp rocks. Even after the pounding and rubbing through the trails all weekend I was able to embark on my 400 mile journey back home with no problems at all. 

So if you're interested in High quality and reliable tires as well as Proudly USA made tires go check out Treadwright and put them to the test! I can say you won't be disappointed! 

Thanks for checking out this weeks feature Friday!!!  Make sure to follow Miguel on Instagram @the_mee_guel and don't forget to email Tony@Treadwright.com to get your Jeep club and Vehicle featured on our Treadwright Feature Friday.  

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