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What's the Best Overlanding Tire?

Posted by Tony Floyd on

What are the Best Overlanding Tires?

As the Overlanding scene continues to grow at an unprecedented rate we began to wonder - what are the best Overlanding Tires?  Should Overlanding Tires be the most aggressive?  It's natural here at Treadwright to start shopping for tires and gravitate towards the most aggressive Tread Design.   The most aggressive tire means better grip and more traction which is why we have four wheel drives vehicles in the first place, right? 

TreadWright Overlanding with his son

Well, the most important factor is and always will be safety.  A fresh tire with a healthy amount of tread will exhibit significantly better grip for braking and handling.  This can make the difference when you are turning on that tight corner on that rainy night, which is why tire selection is an important part of vehicle performance. 

TreadWright Tires on an Overlanding Rig

In this Treadwright Feature Friday we are taking a dive into some highly touted Overlanding pages to offer insight on what tires they use and where they travel. There are much more Overlanding pages out there than you might think, so we aren't trying to leave any of the awesome groups out on this post.  If you want to add to this story please email Tony@TreadWright.com - we want to hear from you. 

Overlanding USA  

It's hard to cover any Overlanding topic without mentioning Overlanding USA - one of the biggest influencers in the entire market.  Did we mention we are giving away a Guided Trip by Overlanding USA? 

Where Does Overlanding USA Wheel?

  • Overlanding USA is headquartered in Nevada.  To give them a set location would be more or less selling them short.  Overlanding USA is all over Nevada, California, Utah and beyond.  

What Tires Does Overlanding USA Use?

TreadWright Tires on Overlanders Rig

Overland Nomad 

Where does Overland Nomad Wheel?

  • The exact location of Overland Nomad is always up for debate! Staying true to his name "Nomad" you can find him anywhere in the USA at any given time.  However, it has been rumored that the Nomad often migrates to McAllen, Texas (the 25th biggest city in the Lone Star state of Texas).  You will usually find this overland all over the backroads of West Texas.  He often runs the great Overlanding trail from McAllen, Texas to Overland-Park, KS. Here is the Route Mapped out

What Tires does Overland Nomad Use? 

  • Overland Nomad runs the 285x75R16 Guard Dog.   This is a good combination for the mule, which is a 2004 Toyota Four Runner that encounters a good combination of trails and highway driving.  Just be careful if you want to put your bike on the roof like OverlandNomad. 

Overland Nomad With TreadWright Tires

Gizzard Stone Overland 

Where does Gizzard Stone Overland wheel? 

  • Gizzard Stone is located in Reno, Nevada where he deals with a mix of dry hot temperatures and rugged terrain.  You can tell by his recent adventures in Virginia City, Nevada and most terrain outside of Reno that rocks and dirt roads are all over the desert. 

What Tire does Gizzard Stone Overland Use?

Gizzard Stone Overland Rig with TreadWright Tires


Where does RamOverland wheel?

  • RamOverland is headquartered out of East Tennesee.  However, North Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky are all within a 1/2 hour drive and there are more trails within that area than any single overlander could ever fully explore.

What Tire does RamOverland Run?

  • RamOverland currently runs a 2014 Ram 1500 Quad can Hemi Ram with Warden 35x12.5R17 which he completed the Red Clay Rally on.   The Red Clay Rally was 762 miles as well as the trip from home.  A total of 897 miles on one trip! 

RamOverland Rig with TreadWright Tires

Berserker Offroad 

Where does Berserker OffRoad Wheel?  

  • Berserker Offroad is based out of Kansas City Missouri.  Berserker has some pretty amazing footage from Arkansas, Missouri, and Utah to say the very least.  He recently completed a trip to Moab, Utah and has some in-depth videos that recap every adventure on his YouTube. 

What Tire does Berserker OffRoad run?  

  • Berserker Offroad runs our Claw II 35x12.5R20.  Want to see someone that takes Overlanding and off-road in general to next level?  Look no further than Berserker Offroad.  With the roof tent and the Overlanding concept completely mastered he is one of the best overlanders to follow and learn from.  

Berserker OffRoad with Rig with TreadWright Tires

 Editor: Derrest Williams, Jr.

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