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King Of Hammers 2019 | TreadWright Tires

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Every February over 40,000+ individuals and 300+ teams gather outside of Johnson Valley, CA for the hardest one-day racing event in the world, The King Of Hammers.  It is known for chewing up vehicles and spitting out tires, desert racing of 100MPH with rock crawling gear ratios as low as 100 to 1. This race is meant to test every aspect from your equipment setup to your driving skills.  This is why TreadWright Tires is excited to announce that we have continued our partnership with Gear Monkey Racing (GMR) for 2019.  Together we're showing the durability of TreadWright Tires unique Mold Cure Process.

Who Is Gear Monkey Racing


Gear Monkey Racing is lead by Daniel May-Applegate Founder of GMR, Daniel started this team in 2018 while living in NYC.

How GMR Started:

Daniel May-Applegate came up with the idea to build a racing rig in 10 days or less and race in King Of Hammers.  Despite taking 25 days to build their first rig in 2018, they still had an impressive finish.


Driver - Daniel May Applegate

Co-Driver - Justin Raymond  

Fun Fact 

Daniel built his first jeep when he was 14 after his dad and uncle took him wheeling for the first time in the Rocky Mountains.

Tires Used 

Race Tires - 35x12.5R17 8PLY Guard Dogs 

Pre Run Tires - 35x12.5R17 8PLY Axiom 

2018 Results 

Gear Monkey Racing raced on February 23rd, 2018 in the Everyman Challenge at King Of hammers and made it 96 miles of 135 and was 6th furthest on the course in their class before getting timed out. 

Our tires ran the toughest one day race in the world and came out unscathed. We are happy to say that the King Of Hammers was conquered by our TreadWright Remolded Tires.

Gear Monkey Racing used our 35x12.5R17 8PLY Guard Dogs to compete in the Everyman Challenge at King Of Hammers. Throughout the race, the team saw numerous other teams with blowouts, flats, and punctures with their premium tires as they ran through Baja sand dunes and grueling rock obstacles.

What To Expect In 2019 King of Hammers

Event Date: 

Friday, February 1, 2019, to Saturday, February 9, 2019

  • Friday 1/25- Gate Opens
  • Friday 2/1- Hammertown Opens
  • Saturday 2/2- UTV Qualifying
  • Sunday 2/3- UTV Race
  • Monday 2/4 - 4500/4600/4800 Qualifying & Monday Night Shootout
  • Tuesday 2/5 – 4400 Qualifying
  • Wednesday 2/6 - Every Man Challenge Race (EMC)
  • Thursday 2/7 - Toyo Desert Invitational Presented by Monster Energy
  • Friday 2/8 - Nitto King of The Hammers Race Powered by Optima Batteries (KOH)
TreadWright & Gear Monkey Racing Class

Class 4600

TreadWright & Gear Monkey Car Number 


How To Watch 

You can purchase a spectator ticket here for as low as $30 or you can stream all the races live here

Follow The Road To King Of Hammers

Follow us on our Instagram page for exclusive videos from Gear Monkey Racing team throughout their adventure. 


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